Should you try Virtual Schooling in India?

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Virtual School in India

Difference between Virtual Schooling and Physical Schooling

Virtual Schooling and physical school are two modes of schooling, and both of them help us gain the education we need, but there is always a slight difference between them. Let us discuss the difference in detail.

Travelling expenses and time devotion always accompany physical Schooling. One needs to travel and devote their time to travelling to get a bunch of knowledge because, in this type of schooling, one has to devote their time to travelling to gain more knowledge. Rather than gaining knowledge, they choose to travel and waste their time. Whereas in virtual schooling, one can gain the same amount of knowledge or even more by just sitting at their home also, they can save their travelling expenses.

Another major difference between both the modes of schooling is the productive attendance which means that are the students willing to study or not in the case of physical schooling; the students often get frustrated by the thought of waking up early, moving out of bed and travel for an hour or so to get a bunch of education, and this even fails when the teacher is not present in the class it feels like students just came to waste their precious time. However, in the case of homeschooling , students need not worry about their attendance as they can easily attend virtual learning from anywhere and at any time of the day; they need not worry about their attendance because they can easily participate in classes to gain a productive education. Also, it saves their travelling time and prevents them from getting frustrated by the tension of waking up early and going to school.

Why is Virtual Schooling better?

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: virtual schooling is flexible for both teachers and students as both of them can attend online classes from anywhere and at any point in time, and they need not worry about attendance and punctuality. It is easily accessible to everyone who has electronic devices and can use them efficiently. Virtual Schooling makes life easier and more efficient.
  • Cost-effective: virtual schooling is cost-effective, and it is even beneficial for parents as they can easily afford at least one electronic device in their home, and they can also save on transportation expenses. They can provide their children with a better and more fun education experience, and yes, parents never compromise on their child’s education. They can provide the best possible education through the virtual system of schooling.
  • Improved time management skills: virtual schooling provides each student to use their precious time for efficiently their competitive studies. They can save a lot of time for their productive activities rather than travelling many, many kilometres to get an education which they can get sitting at their residence. Distance will always hinder students’ productivity and attendance, so to remove such a hindrance, a virtual schooling system is the best.
  • Participation in online discussions: students always prefer online classes for discussion as they feel more confident in their homely vibe and are always productive at home compared to offline classes where they feel shy in answering the questions, so virtual schooling is even better in this aspect.
  • Immediate results and feedback: virtual schooling also provides the facility of immediate results and feedback. Teachers can easily acknowledge students and judge them easily and provide them with the best feedback and results, which is not quite a time and effort consuming task in physical schooling, so in this respect, extremely virtual schooling is better.
  • Modern learning procedure: in this world full of technologies, why follow the old traditional ways of studying when you can easily use gadgets and sit at your home and every day learn new chapters. Physical Schooling is old and does not provide the modern learning advantage, whereas virtual schooling provides the feature of learning new technologies every day and ease in gaining an education. So, even in this respect, virtual schooling is better.

Virtual Schooling in India

India has always been on the list of the best education countries, so yes, India provides the best virtual education. In India, 21K School has succeeded in replicating the traditional schooling structure with its unique and innovative digital platform.India has the best quality teachers who can easily teach students, review them, and judge them online. Students are the happiest at getting virtual classes and sharing their thoughts online. India’s curriculum has always been commendable, which helps India to provide the best homeschooling . In the covid era, India has been successful in providing the best education to its students and making them achieve their goals. India has never let its students down in this respect. India has always made the best provision for their students in online classes. India introduced a lot of technologies which are advanced to provide the best for their students. You can always have India as the country providing the best virtual schooling faculty. Virtual learning hasn’t always been an easy task for any country but India has duly nailed it and provided its students with the best alternatives available. So, in this respect you can always try virtual schooling in India.



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