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5 min readJun 11, 2022
Online Classes with 21K School

We’ve all been pretty used to online learning till now. The shutdown of physical schools also made us accept the concept of online schooling. However, online schools are still a novelty for many. Many parents considered online schooling as a temporary solution during the pandemic. However, numerous pieces of evidence show that the benefits of online schools are far exceeding those obtained from offline schools. To start with, online schools are reducing the typical barriers experienced by parents in providing quality education to their children.

Here are some typical challenges faced by parents in traditional schooling:

Limited Talent Pool

While the top metro cities attract the best talent in teachers, parents living in other areas have to make do with whatever limited resources the schools can hire.

Limited Accessibility

The best schools in India are mostly located either in metro cities or are expensive boarding schools. Not everyone can afford to send their child to such expensive schools. Even if a parent somehow manages to send their child to an expensive city school, it is most likely that their child will spend long hours travelling. If it’s a boarding school, then the child has to spend time away from the family for long durations.

Subject to Disruptions by External Factors

Pandemic was a huge disruptor in school education. Though most schools did eventually manage to teach online, most of them had to spend a long time figuring out online technology. Many parents had to desperately search for other ways to ensure their children didn’t lose out on education. In many cases, children suffered huge learning losses due to overall mismanagement.

Best online schools are one of the best ways to tackle the above-mentioned hurdles in receiving a good quality education. 21K School aims to make access to good quality school education location agnostic. This way, your child can get world-class education irrespective of where you are situated.

However, fully online classes are not suited for everyone. If a traditional school near you is providing quality education at an affordable price, then we might not be right for you. But if you fall in any of the following categories, where you and your child struggle to find the desired quality education, then we highly encourage you to talk to our counsellor, attend a trial class and open up your mind to new possibilities.

Here are some of the categories that fall into this:

  • Your child is a gifted child who is already adept in many advanced concepts, or you want to expedite their learning process.
  • You are not happy with traditional schooling and want to homeschool them but also want to provide some basic structure to their learning.
  • You do not have good schools in your vicinity.
  • You find the fees of premium schools near you to be too high.
  • You don’t want to tire your child by making them travel daily.
  • You want your child to take up extracurricular activities or even undergo professional training in music, arts, sports, etc.
  • Your child needs special medical attention or treatment that makes it difficult for them to attend a traditional school.
  • You need to travel frequently for your job, or you get frequent transfers making it. Difficult for your child to cope with.
  • Your child needs extra attention to grasp concepts better.
  • You do not feel it safe to send their children to regular schools as you worry about hygiene and sanitisation.
  • You want to change schools during the mid-term, as it is difficult to find admissions in good schools in the midterms.
  • You do not want to send your child away to boarding schools.

Why should you explore 21K -India’s best online school:

  • Personalized & Flexible Learning

21K School is designed so that you and your child get the freedom to continue in the same school regardless of your situation and location. The curriculum is also beneficial for students who want to learn at their own pace for any reason.

  • Track Students’ Progress Daily

Our advanced technology integrated platform provides relevant and timely feedback about your child’s progress. We can use the data to analyse the areas of strengths and weaknesses and drive focus towards required areas, thus improving learning outcomes for your child.

  • Skill Based Learning

The curriculum at 21K School is made to match the standard set by the national curriculum framework. Students can also choose from several electives to broaden their knowledge and make education more relevant to real life. With the time saved by students in online classes, they can take up extracurricular or hobby classes, including language studies, performing arts, and sports.

  • Socialise with Friends Around the World

21K School is location agnostic. We select the best teachers from around the country for our school, which makes it extremely beneficial for students that do not have access to quality education in their local area. Students at 21K’s online school get to interact with students from other cities and even other countries. You can rest assured about having a diverse and global peer group for your child.

Affiliation and Accreditation Information of 21K School

21K School is the best online school option for you today. It is a formally recognised and accredited K-12 School that offers a total of 3 curriculums: Indian, American, and British Curriculum for students aged 3 to 18 years in India and abroad.

American Curriculum

21K School has partnered with Stride, Inc. USA (formerly K12 Inc.), which is the world’s leading online school offering high-quality personalised learning programs for students. Students at 21K School partner with both Stride’s curriculum and curriculum from The Keystone School, which is an accredited private online school for students worldwide. The Keystone School is accredited by Cognia and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, both of which are recognised in India and abroad.

British Curriculum

Our online school is affiliated with and recognised by Pearson Edexcel, which is the largest award-winning organisation in the UK. 21K School is an approved centre of Edexcel bearing affiliation number 94883. We have also partnered with the NISAI Group — a Cambridge International School. 21K School + NISAI, through this partnership, offers a large selection of long-term courses, including Cambridge IGCSE and A-Levels, lasting 1–2 years with various levels and assessments.

Indian curriculum

The 21K online school follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework of India up until the middle school curriculum. It also uses a system based on the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for school exit examinations in Grade 10 and 12. In this case, the grade sheets and certificates are issued by NIOS. These certificates are at par with CBSE or ICSE Certificates and are valid for entry to colleges and universities your child will enrol into.

In 2022, online schools are a real thing, but as we said, it is not for everyone. By integrating technology with education and talent, online schools can ensure your child gets a world-class education in the comfort of your home. If you are curious to explore a world of better opportunities for your child, visit our website and speak to our educational counsellor today!



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