Parenting Preteens: Things You Should Know

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3 min readDec 28, 2022

Parenting is hard, and that's an actual fact! One wrong move, and boom, you see your child going on the wrong track. But don't fret about it! We will give some parenting tips for teenage parents in this blog. These tips will surely help you out in being a good parent. Keep reading to know more about it.

Parenting preteen

Things To Take Care of If You Are A Preteen Parent

Here are the parenting tips for teenage parents you should keep in mind.

1. Let Them Enjoy Their Independence

At this age, your kids wish to have their independence. They act like grown-ups; they want to do their work. So, do not worry about that. Do not take their independence personally. Most importantly, don't feel rejected or ignored by their independence.

Also, don't forcefully ask them for the information they want to keep a secret. At this age, the children start keeping secrets from us, and it's quite behavioural. So, let them have their independence.

2. Don't Be Over Judgemental

This is the most important thing that every preteen parent should know. Don't be highly judgemental because, at this age, your kids are watching you watching them. That means they see you being judgemental about them. So, be aware and don't compare your child with someone else's child based on their manners, behaviour, and anything else.

3. Make Communication The Topmost Priority

Communication is the key, as we all say. So, try to make communication your foremost priority. You can’t just sit and let them do things. Instead, you need to talk about each and everything with your kids. This way, they, too will develop a habit of communicating.

Also, when they ask something, instead of staying silent, try to give them the answer or explanation they are wanting. If you, as a parent won't explain anything to your kids, they’ll start wondering, and they might also go silent, which is not good.

Moreover, parents who communicate and explain things to their kids let them learn and grow in a non-judgmental way.

4. Let Them Manage Their Allowance

Yes, you heard it right. By twelve, the children should have their bank accounts. By having their account, they will learn about personal finance.

Also, for short-term money management, they can make use of three jar methods of Saving, Spending, and Sharing. Ask them to manage their small expenses, and buy things with their own money. Also, encourage savings.

5. Cope With Getting Lost

Teach them all the actions they should take if they get lost somewhere. You should make a plan with them, including an emergency meeting place, contact numbers of the local police station and some contact numbers. Also, include other safe places they can go like doctor's offices, libraries, information desks, temples, etc.


Here comes the end of our article on Advice for parents of teenagers. The list can go on and on because there's a lot you need to know if you are a parent. But for starters, take care of the above-mentioned things. Most importantly, to raise your kids the right way, you need to have a lot of patience.



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