Online Schooling: The Good, The Better, and The Best

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4 min readJun 18, 2022
Online Schooling

Online schooling is the new form of schooling, wherein the student studies through the internet using virtual online platforms. Students use home computers and access the study material through an online portal. Like a traditional school, an online school must have a trained teaching staff specialising in online teaching. These teachers conduct online sessions for the students and supervise their performance.

The digital schooling option is highly flexible and convenient for the students as it allows the handholding of educators through online classes while simultaneously allowing self-paced independent study duration.

Difference between Online Schooling and Traditional Schooling

Online schooling and traditional schooling are two ways of learning. They both provide almost the same kind of education and offer quality learning. You will have teachers, and you will be following the course outlines of the lessons and examinations involved in the lessons.

Online classes are good for an individual student because the full focus is on the individual, and no other students can disturb the class. When the attention is solely on you, it gets easier to understand the lesson, and the students’ convenient schedules can take most online classes. While in a traditional class, students tend to deviate due to short attention spans, some are not paying attention, and therefore the students do not absorb everything that is taught.

If you’re a student who enjoys working alone or could not take regular classes, traditional classes will not be suitable for you due to time and other constraints, making online classes the best option. The focus will be on you, and you will be doing a project alone and studying the subject alone. The teacher shall guide you through the class outline and discussions. However, if you’re a student who enjoys being with people around you and working with people, then the traditional class is better. Both are great learning opportunities.

Why Is Online Schooling Better?

  • It’s flexible: Online education allows the teacher and the student to set their own goals, and there’s the added flexibility of setting a schedule that fits everyone’s timetable. As a result, using online learning allows for a better balance of work and studies, so there’s a perfect balance. Studying online teaches you time management skills, making finding a good work-study life easier. Having a common goal between the student and teacher can also lead both parties to accept new responsibilities and have more autonomy.
  • Wide range of programs: There are infinite skills and subjects to teach and learn in a space as vast as the internet. Many universities and higher education schools offer online versions of their programs for various levels and disciplines. Every student has an option to fulfil their interests, from music composition to quantum physics. Studying online is very convenient for getting an official certificate, diploma, or degree without physically setting foot on a university campus. This increases the skills and saves a lot of time.
  • Accessibility: Online schooling allows you to study or teach anywhere with a good internet connection. This means there’s no need to travel far places. On top of that, you will save time, but you also save money. The online classroom feature is available anywhere there’s an internet connection, and a good way to take advantage of this is to travel. For example, online education is a great choice if you’re studying abroad and want to get a job. Now there’s no reason to give up on working or studying while exploring new and exotic places.
  • It allows for a customised learning experience: We’ve mentioned how flexibility can help you set your own study goals. But online learning is also flexible for each student’s requirements and ability level. Online classes generally cater to smaller groups of students. Online learning platforms are great for individual students. Most of the time, it only allows one student at a time; this allows for greater interaction and more feedback between the teacher and the student. There’s often access to diverse material such as videos, photos, and eBooks online, and tutors can also integrate other formats like forums or discussions to improve their lessons. And this additional content is available anytime from anywhere, which will offer more in-depth knowledge of the materials.
  • It’s more cost-effective than traditional education: Online education is more affordable than traditional education methods. You can pay for online education in instalments or per class, making it cost-efficient. This allows for better budget management. Many may also be subject to discounts or scholarships, so the price is rarely high. You can also save money from the commute and class materials, often available for free. All in all, online classes lead to saving a lot more than it would require in traditional classes.

In India, 21K School has succeeded in replicating the traditional schooling structure with its unique and innovative digital platform. 21K School has made the benefits of ‘learning from anywhere to all Indian students despite their different locations and time zones available to each student. It is one of the best online schools available for children looking for in-depth knowledge of their materials. 21K School believes in a holistic education that involves not just academics. They deliver all textbooks and workbooks to their students. The books follow CBSE Pattern following the National Curriculum Framework, so you can be sure that they will provide the same rigorous learning experience. The learning experience in 21K School mandates students to write in their notebooks every day with almost no exception. 21K School also focuses on providing students with more creative outlets or leadership roles during Social Events, Festivals, and celebrations organised by our school council. The teaching-learning environment prepares the student both mentally and physically to succeed locally and internationally.



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