How Remote Work Has Changed Virtual Schooling

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4 min readMay 4, 2022

Remote work and online virtual learning have been around for a while now. They have been around a lot longer than most of us realize. The first online education platform was introduced to the world as early as 1984 by the University of Toronto. People have been working remotely, or at least semi-remotely, from the dawn of the telecommunication era.

Virtual schooling and remote work are both here to stay. Read this short blog to understand how remote work is changing virtual schooling.

Why are remote work and virtual schooling in demand?

The fact is that virtual schools and remote work only became a worldwide ‘trend’ or phenomenon due to the unfortunate events of the last few years. While there was a steady growth in the online education sector, recent events caused a major upswing in the adoption of virtual schooling. Parents are exploring various school learning websites to learn about the online school system and the best home schools available online.

The novelty factor owes to the fact that traditional work and learning methods cracked under the pressure of recent events and paved the path for education and remote work to spread. Arguably, a course that was inevitable.

How has remote work directly impacted online virtual schooling?

It worked

The first barrier was broken when organizations had no choice but to find a way to get output from their employees during the pandemic lockdown. The fact that companies could get the results they desired from their workers showed that using the internet and technology was possible with effective management techniques. Some organizations rely entirely on remote work. It worked for employees indoctrinated to a specific working style.

There is no doubt that younger, more agile minds will derive the most significant benefit from virtual schools. The demand for online education in India is increasing. The advantages of virtual schooling is that kids can learn from the comfort of their home and have access to the best online schools or home schools. Presently, IGCSE and CBSE boards in India have been providing the best online school programs with virtual learning.

Family Time

While many complained about being stuck at home with remote work, families realized that they spent a lot more time with each other. While they may have been confined to their homes, they were able to share intimate experiences. These experiences would not have been possible if a parent hadn’t been allowed to work from home.

On a more emotional note, families realized the value of their time with each other. While uncertainty and fear were in the air, they were able to be there for each other. Some spent many months stranded far away from their families.

Virtual schools provided the chance to spend that time together, to be able to watch your child learn and grow while parents worked at home. Parents who previously had no time to spend helping their children with homework were inevitably drawn into their children’s curiosity. They witnessed their children’s minds grow before their very eyes.

Focus on Future Work Styles

You’ve probably read this line a million times, splattered across the internet, “Remote work is here to stay.” It’s true as remote working is the latest gig. People are opting for job opportunities that allow remote working.

Technology is so deeply ingrained into our lives that we will even be entirely reliant on it very soon. That being the case, parents have seen the merits of preparing their children to communicate their thoughts and ideas on virtual platforms effectively.

These parents see that their children will soon be in positions where they have to manage teams and people worldwide. This is not a distant future possibility. Traditional education systems in India have done a lackluster job of preparing students for their careers; virtual schools like 21K School focus on ensuring that they are ready as soon as possible.

In addition, virtual schools give children the skills they will need to become remote workers; they won’t experience the learning curve that many of us had to struggle through. To further reinforce that point, virtual schools prepare students for jobs that are likely to become more common, such as tech-related work and gig work. As the best online virtual school in India, 21K School empowers children to become creators and participate in the gig economy from a young age. This ensures they are fully aware and equipped to monetize their skills.

Access to Quality Talent

The final and perhaps, most crucial result of remote work has been that businesses, institutions, and schools have been able to access talent. Remote work has led to remote hiring, which means that you can globally look for the talent you want, giving you access to a broader talent pool.

Virtual schooling benefited greatly from remote working. 21K School has combed India and the world to find the best educators. Remote work has enabled 21K School to provide access to great educators for students worldwide through online virtual schooling.



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