Homeschooling redefining the future of K12 Education

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4 min readMay 12, 2022
Home schools that are hybrid in format are increasingly becoming the vogue in education. They have redefined the future of K12 education in India.

A decade ago, it would have seemed highly improbable to fathom an online school curriculum in all its innovation and the broad spectrum of specialisations offered. Today, online school education is any parent’s dream come true.

The pandemic accelerated the drive for innovation in education technology and management. So much so that today’s youth does not have any dearth of courses and programs to choose from. This exists even as there are reduced course fees and materials costs. Even though there was an initial adjustment period, entrepreneurs pushed for an easy and accessible K12 homeschooling system online.

Bringing home the internet revolution

The future of education is here — or it is on its way. A new type of “school” will mark the education system in the next few years: the homeschool.

The internet revolution has begun, and it is not going away anytime soon. Video-conferencing companies like Google Hangouts and Skype are becoming more popular with every passing year, and teachers are finding new ways to incorporate technology into their lesson plans.

Parents are also getting in on the action; they are taking advantage of online learning tools that allow them to monitor their child’s progress at home with ease. Everyone wants to be involved in this new wave of education, even if they are not necessarily in favor of it.

This may come as no surprise; after all, many parents are eager for their children to succeed academically and want nothing more than to be able to help them achieve their goals. However, what does this mean for schools? Many experts believe that homeschooling will redefine how our children learn by exposing them to new ideas and perspectives that are often missing from traditional schooling environments.

Homeschooling as a concept is not new. It has been around for years, but with the internet revolution, it has become easy to access in today’s world. From learning resources to coaching teachers to monitoring progress, there are multiple options available.

There are several reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children. Some of them have been listed below:

1. Individuality and personal attention

2. Customized education system

3. No homework or tests

4. Flexible schedule

5. Opportunity to travel and learn

6. Opportunity to pursue interests like art, sports, etc.

Novel tools for teaching

Technology can help teachers in the classroom and students at home. There are many novel tools for teaching, and we need to redefine what education can be as a whole. Here are three features of new technology that could change how and where children learn:

1. Digital curriculum allows for more flexibility within the classroom and at home.

2. Tech-based testing allows for easier grading and saves paper.

3. Virtual reality will allow students to participate in immersive field trips from the comfort of their own homes or classrooms.

A redefinition and an ed-tech revolution

As a parent, you want the best for your child’s education. But you also know that what counts as a “good education” is constantly evolving in a rapidly changing world, and what schools are offering today is not necessarily the best preparation for tomorrow.

Infrastructure and classrooms for all K12 educators

Partnering with K12 education software giants could bring about the remedial requirements for an affordable online education. Infrastructure can be talked about in online terms, as can classrooms for children and teachers daily. Classrooms can be accessed from a system at home, and other amenities could be shared amongst those less privileged.

For example, books and study materials can be exchanged at an online school sponsored by a donor or senior children.

K12 education and homeschooling

Homeschooling needs interaction and engagement hours apart from family in order to be successful. K12 education is a large part of a child’s journey from adolescence to adulthood. The interactions among people, the debates, and the arguments about different issues will lead to the realization of these ed-tech pursuits.

Media associations and K12 ed-tech companies on the internet are well suited to take advantage of a primary focus on such relationships. Parents can engage online in school infrastructure and fees discussions. Children can share their learning with other children through media such as podcasts.

Homeschooling and transformation in K12 education

Homeschoolers have the same access to community resources as public-school students, but they also have the luxury of one-on-one instruction with a parent or tutor who knows them well. They can adapt their curriculum to individual strengths and weaknesses, and they are not limited by age.

Nevertheless, in redefining the future of education through education management and technology, we can envision brighter prospects for our children.

The pandemic has provided time and compressed space for exploring K12 education with value and a plethora of inexpensive resources for children. In a hybrid avatar, Homeschooling could definitely start a new decade of value education.

Take the first step in giving your child the pursuit of a happy life through a well-endorsed K12 education. Come, build a future generation of knowledge leaders and community members worldwide.



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