Here’s How Schools Can Introduce Entrepreneurship Skills

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3 min readOct 13, 2022

Entrepreneurship skills and networks significantly influence the strength of the start-up economy. Additionally, we require “ready to launch” business platforms that will provide beginning entrepreneurs access to information, resources, and networks, including funding.

How to teach entrepreneurship in schools?

Rather than preparing pupils for employment, to foster entrepreneurship skills, we must upgrade our educational system and promote a creative mindset among the general populace. By laying a solid basis for innovation and entrepreneurship, academic institutions can play a particularly significant role in enabling prospective entrepreneurs to launch high-impact companies effectively.

Educational institutions must help students question, discuss, or analyze to develop new concepts in an environment where they are not scared to take risks or fail. They must be allowed to conduct experiments, develop and test innovative solutions, or offer fresh perspectives on various aspects of their lives.

Basic entrepreneurship skills programs must be added to the regular curriculum as alternatives to educate students about the potential advantages of becoming an entrepreneur. The leaders and innovators would own the future. Education plays a significant role in shaping a person’s entrepreneurial inclination.

Entrepreneurship and formal education have a good relation

It is essential to expand the pool of entrepreneurs who can substantially contribute to the expansion or advancement of the economy. Education and training can foster entrepreneurship skills in a developing country such as India.

Incubators and entrepreneurship cells

Universities across India have begun to react by setting up entrepreneurship cells or incubators where students may obtain the necessary resources and assistance from academics and mentors from the business sector.

  • Education isn’t limited to school and college-going students but is now available to all types of students, who should continually update their skills to remain competitive in a changing environment.
  • The government has recently launched several programs to foster entrepreneurial abilities, which have been incorporated into India’s new National Education Policy.
  • India has a critical mass of seasoned business people currently developing networks that can offer the intellectual capital required to spark the next wave of start-ups.
  • Entrepreneur experts and investors are coming together through networks, including 1by0GRIT, Acenet, and numerous others, to share information, technologies, and networks to speed up the growth of new businesses.
  • In the post-covid economy, value creation is a constant process whereby tacit knowledge, entrepreneurship skills, and ever-expanding cooperative social networks work together to provide a rapid societal effect.
  • The start-up sector is one of the most potent forces driving economic growth, job creation, and wealth creation.
  • Start-ups can serve as a means of achieving the next stage of societal and economic advancement.
  • India has started on its path toward becoming one of the world’s largest start-up centres. Our country has the quickest growth rate and currently ranks third in the world for the number of technology-driven products start-ups, behind US and UK.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 20% of Indians (aged 18 to 64) plan to launch a business over the next three years, and more than 11% are first-time business owners. The number of newly formed companies has significantly increased since June 2020, so this trend is expected to continue. Volumes alone, however, remain insufficient.


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