Cost of Living Going Up? Count on Online Schooling to Keep Your Bills Down!

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5 min readJun 30, 2022
Online Schooling
Online Schooling

During the lockdown, many children had no physical access to friends, classmates and relatives for months. Moreover, the heightened anxiety and stress on families may have impacted your child’s mental and physical health. According to a MoHFW release, India’s daily positivity rate stands at 5.62%, while the weekly positivity rate is at 3.39 %. Our present fatality rate is 1.21%. We have seen that limited or no opportunity for outdoor play and socialisation due to rising cases may also impact children, making them easily bored, angry and sad. Here is where online schools come into play.

Covid-19 has been hard, especially with increasing financial bills due to higher private hospitalisation costs, prolonged treatment etc. Hence, with rising cost of living, petrol prices, and inflation, online schooling, with its unique pedagogy and curriculum, is the best option for your child!

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21K skills has collaborated with 21K School — a leader in online education for upskilling school children. Established in 2000, 21K has been providing quality online curricula for direct access for students and parents. Since then, they have managed to train over a million students! Did you know that 21K School is India’s first online-only school?

Here are some benefits of 21K school and online schooling for your in-depth understanding:

  • The study method does not remain within the limited space of the four walls in classroom interaction. Sometimes with the unequal ratio of children and teachers in a classroom, individual attention is lacking while the course curriculum must cater to all students equally. With online schools in India, 21K School brings holistic learning and personalised attention. Teachers can upload video recordings of lectures or share podcasts for the students to listen to in their own time, along with completing the course curriculum. Audio and video aids used in assessments and homework can be uploaded and shared with the whole class. This can be accessed from any part of the country and at any time. Students and teachers can also provide feedback, catering to a brighter scope for improvement.
  • Grading also becomes easier by eliminating the need to ensure that all assignments are collected physically. Students’ online submissions can be accessed and graded from anywhere and at any time. This increases the ease of finding correct answers for you to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses. For MCQs, immediate automated grading can be utilised to help you and your child fathom their understanding. Further doubts can always be answered by the teacher whenever required.
  • The 21K School LMS will have discussion boards to encourage social learning, where students can share problems, assignment feedback, or even catch up with the instructor if they face difficulties. This provides children ample opportunities to complete interactive sessions or group assignments and share presentations that nurture their social skills. As a parent, you will find personalised assignments and lesson plans for your child based on their teacher’s evaluation of their skills.
  • Online schooling ensures more cost-effective benefits than school facilities (classroom space, computer labs, libraries, media resources). It reduces staff resources you would have to pay for a regular school, including infrastructure, practical and exam fees, computer class fees, etc. This will help your child access quality education from any part of the world, especially if your job is of a shifting nature or if good quality education is not easily accessible where you reside.
  • Your child will also access wider sources like webinars, electives, special classes and online conferences, which will be highly beneficial apart from the standard curriculum for exams.
  • The online schooling platform would provide students with an open environment to express their ideas without the added pressure of having to speak and stand in front of other students, thus ensuring fewer chances of facing any abuse, bullying or harassment. They can talk to their teachers and get doubts clarified for better understanding at their own pace and rhythm. This helps them develop their interpersonal skills with one-on-one attention.
  • There would be no requirement for any other professional help for your child regarding classroom management. Online schooling will also lead to fewer interruptions regarding time or fuel used for commuting, thus reducing expenses as your child and the educator can stay at home and teach/learn accordingly. This will also help spread fewer diseases, especially with rising COVID cases, and reduce the daily cost of living. The exposure with 21K school will be a global affair since your child will have the opportunity to connect with top faculty and students worldwide.
  • Whatever their priorities are, you as a parent can escape the daily routine of picking up and dropping off children with flexible scheduling only available via online classes, which would also reduce the need to opt for remedial courses. Your children will be able to pursue various activities, other training, and online education. If your child is undergoing professional training in music, arts, sports, etc., 21K Schools will meet your child’s needs better and more flexibly. Online learning is a student-centred atmosphere, where children take responsibility as active participants who decide what they will learn and how. Teachers don’t dictate lessons, but instead provide guidance that leads children to their findings and critical thinking.
  • Your children will also have access to fun skill development classes and get along with peers from all over the country. Their interpersonal skills will surely develop with the online school’s personalised curriculum, which will help them focus and understand subjects easily with close virtual interaction! This learning platform will also help inform you about the issues regarding your child’s progress or weaknesses, which shall be conveyed to you on the LMS.

In case you are wondering where to start, Summer School is open to all and is an excellent way for parents exploring the idea of online schooling to experience 21K School!

21K School is a recognised and accredited K12 school offering Indian, American and British curriculum online for students aged 3 to 18 years in India and abroad. For greater understanding, you can take a look at the FAQs provided here: Online Schooling FAQ

We hope this provides you with a better understanding of online schooling regarding 21K School that will help you make your decision without any hassle!



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