5 Interactive and Fun Homeschooling Activities for Children

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3 min readJan 18, 2023

Explore various advantages of online homeschooling and five easy activities to make homeschooling interactive and fun.

Homeschooling is a more advanced form of education in which students learn through virtual classrooms. Students can use online learning to access resources supplied by people worldwide with just an active internet connection. It lets teachers use interactive technologies such as videos, audio, photos, animation, virtual conference rooms, etc., to enhance learning.

Online Quiz

Quizzes are a great way to keep students engaged in virtual classes. There are various types of quizzes, but the 'Top 5' question is one that children particularly love. Each question in a Top 5 quiz contains numerous alternative responses. 'Name countries beginning with the letter A,' for example. Students must then write down their answers. Then, the students can use their webcams to show their answers to the entire class. Another option is to employ online interactive quizzes, in which students are given a unique class code to answer questions directly on a platform through their devices.

Liar Game

This is one of the best icebreaker activities for online homeschooling that will help children know more about fellow students. In this game, students must share three statements about themselves, out of which two have to be true, while one should be a lie. Other students must guess the lie in the chat. The activity is entertaining and can help you find out various hilarious stories.

Word Game

Word games are simple and require little to no preparation in a homeschool classroom. The teacher chooses a word and then asks students to share the first word that comes to mind connected to the teacher’s word. Giving students a specific topic is a terrific approach to do this in an online classroom. The first student who is unable to think of a word must forfeit. Then, other students could give them a task that the student must do. This makes the activity more fun.

Drawing Activity

It is another interactive activity where students must download an online drawing application and log in with their class code. Students must draw an image for each term that the teacher mentions. Students will be able to see what the others have created, and this activity will serve as a good icebreaker. For example, if the teacher says, "Draw the image of the king of the jungle," the students should do so. The winner will be the student who draws a lion.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun game to play during online homeschooling. Students must be tasked with finding objects that match the description given by the teacher. For example, if the teacher instructs students to find a blue thing at home and then show it on the webcam, students must first hunt for a blue object at home. This is an excellent approach to making homeschooling interactive.

Online homeschooling must be fun and interactive, or students may find it boring. A fun class is always an excellent way to introduce new concepts and make students interact with their classmates. So, use these five easy homeschooling activities to make your lessons interactive. Drawing games and online quizzes are two games to introduce new concepts in the class. Liar Games, word games and scavenger hunts will help break the ice in class.



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